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Shree Prajapati Education Foundation

A ray of hope...


"In Appreciation of our Donors" letter from Dr. Dinesh Mistry (Chairman)

PDF File: A Letter from Dr. Dinesh Mistry (Chairman)

Current Donors:
Donor's Name Gujarat Gaam State/ City Country
Late Pravin D. Lad Degam California USA
Balwantbhai P. Lad Jalalpore Texas USA
Mangubhai D. Mistry Puni Alberta Canada
Chandrakantbhai Lad Lingad Alberta Canada
Balubhai and Gulabbhai C. Mistry Valoti Parsippany, NJ USA
Vinodbhai Jinabhai Mistry Aeru Pretoria South Africa
Bharat Kunvarji Degam Pretoria South Africa
Mahendrabhai & Kokilaben Patel Nadiad Calgary, Alberta Canada
Dr. Bipinbhai and Dr. Kamal Gantra Porbandar Calgary, Alberta Canada
Thakorebhai Champaneria Kadod, Surat Mursfreeboro Tennessee
Jasuben and Pushpaben Mistry Moldhara Stanmore, London UK
Chanchalben P. Lad Kansaad Wembely UK
Late Lallubhai and Jasuben Mistry Kansaad Wembely UK
Ramubhai and Sarlaben Dihan Wembely UK
Bhagwanjibhai and Kantaben Lad Jalalpore Leicester UK
Natubhai and Vasantiben Mistry Umbhel Leicester UK
Late Devajibhai and Mannaben Mistry Dihan Wembley UK
Sanjay Thakor Dahya Ambaada Toronto, Ontario Canada
Dr. J Wani Maha Rashtra Seva Samiti Organization Calgary, Alberta Canada
Eilish and Murray Hiebert HELP ASSOCIATION Calgary, Alberta Canada
Subhash D. Lad Lingad Calgary, Alberta Canada
Manisha Subhash Lad Lingad Calgary, Alberta Canada
Nimish and Shivali Rathod Ahmedabad Calgary, Alberta Canada
Savitriben Dhirajlal Mistry Lakhanpur Stanmore, London UK
Rambhai and Sarlaben Mistry Dihen Sudbury Town, Wembley, Middlesex UK

Current Sponsors:
Sponsor's Name Gujarat Gaam State/ City Country
Gulabbhai M. Mistry Degam Wembley UK
Dipeshbhai K. Lad Jalalpore Singapore Singapore
Thakorbhai P. Mistry Vesma Wembley UK
Mahendrabhai M. Lad Endhar Calgary,Alberta Canada
Dr. Dineshbhai J. Mistry Vesma BC Canada
Devjibhai Narotam Kasba/Navsari Toronto Canada
Priti Nitin Mistry Munsad Fullerton, California USA
Harishbhai Vijaydevbhai Ratanji Vesma New York USA
Bhikoo Bhai Bawa and Taraben Baman vale Johannesburg South Africa
Dr Chandravadan and Kamuben Vesma Lancaster USA
Jamnadas and Nayanben Mistry Vaaz Brampton, Ontario Canada

We need of volunteers, life skills mentors and financial assistance.
Avenues of help:
1. Financial (Donation).
2. Volunteer.
3. Sponsorship.

Your generous donation and your kindness will 100% go towards this program. We are not taking any administration charges. It will help brighten the future of those poor and less-fortunate. Hope is always there.

If you need more information on how you can help or donate please do not hesitate to contact us. The Foundation is always ready to assist you with any information you need and ensure that your contributions to reach the desparate needy children.