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Shree Prajapati Education Foundation

A ray of hope...

SPEF Students

Krishna V. Lad
Pranav Lad
Druvi Mistry
Ritesh Lad
Vishal Mistry
Krishna Lad
Chirag Prajapati
Druv Prajapati
Kinjal Mistry
Shubham Lad

Mission Statement

Shree Prajapati Education Foundation (SPEF) is a registered charity organization committed to the upliftment of the Prajapati community from discrimination and poverty by encouraging excellence in student education. It is the mandate of SPEF to provide equal opportunities for both males and females within Prajapati (South Gujarat) community.

SPEF wants to ensure that each and every Prajapati boy and girl obtains the best education. SPEF wants to create a roadmap for children to become informed and valuable citizens of the world.

Since the time SPEF was founded, in 2002, we have supported between two and five new students every year. To continue to support new students from their entry into university to their completion, we require a few more families to come forward to support these needy students.

Download SPEF Commemorated Booklet 2013 (pdf size 13.3mbs)